StanbicMay 12, 2022

Stanbic Zambia Bullish on Post Mining Indaba 2022 Prospects for Zambia
One of Zambia’s leading banks has expressed optimism on the prospects of Zambia’s mining sector considering recent pronouncements at the 2022 edition of the Mining Indaba, according to an interview with Financial Insight Zambia who are covering the event.   During the 30-minute conversation with the Founder of this website, CEO Mwindwa Siakalima found his […]

StrategyMay 11, 2022

How African Artisanal Mining Can Flourish in Light of High Commodity Prices
Zambia’s Chamber of Mines President has indicated that artisanal mining has positive prospects of development within the southern African region.   Speaking during a question-and-answer session at the ongoing Cape Town Mining Indaba, the mining association boss indicated that with the recent surge in global commodity prices with copper in the 10,000-US dollar range presented […]

MiningMay 11, 2022

Vedanta Saga Continues Over Zambia Asset
Vedanta Resources has requested the Lusaka High Court to nullify the appointment of Acting Official Receiver Celine Nair as Provisional Liquidator of the wettest mine in Zambia, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), according press releases out of Zambia. The action from Vedanta comes less than 48 hours after Zambia’s President had announced at the ongoing Cape […]

Economy, StrategyMay 10, 2022

Beneficiation Key to Successful Mining in Africa
The buzz word at the 2022 edition of Cape Town South Africa’s Mining Indaba is Beneficiation. Beneficiation, or value-added processing, involves the transformation of a primary material (produced by mining and extraction processes) to a more finished product, which has a higher export sales value. All the three heads of state that have spoken at the […]

ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcMay 10, 2022

Dolika Banda Believes Mining Industry is a Factor in Zambia’s Development
The mining sector will continue to be a factor in the development of Zambia. This is why Zambia’s mining investment house, ZCCM IH, has positioned itself strategically in the extract industry to make the most an evolving business environment that was fraught with COVID. “There is a wave and rise in the price of commodities”, […]

MiningMay 10, 2022

ZCCM IH Board Chair Identifies Three Post Covid Challenges Currently Facing the Mining Sector in the Region
The Board Chair of Zambia’s mining investment house, ZCCM IH, has identified three main challenges that Africa is grappling following the advent of COVID that have hindered the development of mining, according to an interview with SABC. The first challenge has been the overarching mining framework. “So the mining and fiscal policies have been inconsistent […]

MiningMay 9, 2022

KCM Announces New Provisional Liquidator
Konkola Copper Mines has announced the appointment of a new Provisional Liquidator, according to an official statement. “I wish to inform the public that Ms Celine Meena Nair has taken over the role of Provisional Liquidator (PL) of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) following her recent appointment as acting Official Receiver of the Republic of Zambia”, […]

MiningMay 9, 2022

Zambia Is Back! Tristian Pascal Declares
Newly appointed First Quantum CEO Tristan Pascal has indicated that the mining sector and the Government in Zambia are now on the same page regarding development of the industry in the country. CEO FQM Tristan “Zambia is Back”, said CEO Tristan at the ongoing Mining Indaba in Cape Town South African at the Convention Center […]

MiningMay 9, 2022

Frans Baleni – Mining Indaba Chair of the Advisory Board Bullish despite COVID on Gold and Mining in General
The Chairperson of the Mining Indaba Advisory Board has indicated that the global covid pandemic has created many opportunities despite the adverse impact it has had on the African and global economy at large. Frans Baleni believes that the pandemic has created opportunities in the mining sector and has identified Gold as one area that […]

MiningMay 9, 2022

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis Optimistic Caution for Mining in Africa
The Cape Town Mining Indaba is underway. The event was opened by the city’s Executive Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis who expressed delight at having all the delegates and exhibitors return to the mother city for the 2022 conference. The mayor disclosed that there were several challenges being experienced by the country that were impacting the mining […]