The Financial Insights of Zambia was established in 2017 as a follow up to the success of The Financial Health of Zambia’s Premier Companies blog which was birthed as an idea that would address the challenge Zambian investors had in understanding how companies within the economy created value. Armed with the annual reports of companies listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, we bring business analysis and valuation of these premier companies. Tracking the nuances in the numbers and critical evaluation of the influence of the external environment, we provide a perspective that allows for understanding of the mechanics that drive these companies from the externally presented information. Our hope is to bridge the information asymmetry divide so that stakeholders have a better understanding of company information that can allow for informed decisions about investment.


Muma Ng’ambi
Investment Analyst Contributor
Andrew Chisela
Banking and Investment Analyst Contributor
Alan Samuel Mwamulombe
Investment Analyst Contributor
Sophie Kalumba
Investment Analyst Contributor
Martin Namasaka
Guest Blogger
Lombe Chibesakunda
Mwansa Lombe Kabunda
Editor Financial and Lifesyle
Caroline Banda
Editor in Chief - Financial Analyst
Lynne Mindelsohn
Lifestyle Contributor - Travel and Tourism
Musa Imakando
Investment Analyst Contributor
Roman Mukendi
Mwelwa Chibesakunda
Founder, Chief Analyst

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