Finance, Strategy, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJuly 12, 2017

Project Ekaris: A Dare to Gate Crash a Premier Company’s AGM
When announcements of AGMs are published on SENS ANNOUNCEMENTs, TFHZPC is always keen to be a part of proceedings. It’s not just the coffee and muffins that get served (for premier companies that host at exotic hotels) but the agenda of the meetings that wets the appetite of any investor who wants to understand how […]

FinanceJune 20, 2017

Project Ekaris: A Day with My Stockbroker
When our broker from Stockbrokers Zambia Limited called us to advise that the improved offer on our bid for the final shares that would complete our portfolio was concluded, she extended an offer to us to visit their new offices and witness how brokers earned their keep. We were absolutely excited by the invitation for […]

FinanceJune 18, 2017

Competition: The battle of Opex vs Capex in Zambian Premier Companies
Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, once said that “control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage” (10 rules of building a business). For premier companies in Zambia that are in competitive waters (red oceans) this cannot be further from the truth. In a nutshell, competitive companies […]

Mining, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJune 15, 2017

ZCCM – IH – Skiing with hands full
We have often wondered what it is like to ski in the French Alps. Although we could not ski to save our lives, mining commodities have offered varying fortunes (mostly downhill)for players in this game globally. In order for extant players such as Rio Tinto to stay on the slopes for example, divestures have been […]

FinanceJune 14, 2017

Project Ekaris: The importance of insight
TFHZPC had indicated that the portfolio that we would be investing in on the LuSE included four companies. These are companies in various industries in Zambia. However, a snap decision was made on the back of an invitation to attend a show day for one of the listed companies. Through a conversation with our personal […]

FinanceJune 8, 2017

Project Ekaris: Bidding Wars on LuSE
Investing in the stock market is an exhilarating experience. As we had indicated in our inaugural blog, we have selected 4 companies in which we would purchase shares in using the endowment we received from an angel investor. So far, we have almost completed the purchase of all shares except for one company we have […]

FinanceMay 30, 2017

Board Composition in Zambian Premier Companies
We have reviewed all the annual reports of the listed companies on LuSE in our circa 2015 analysis on our inaugural website, TFHZPC, and what we discovered was an interesting revelation about the composition of many of the boards of these premier companies. It is a common desire for many astute individuals to aspire to […]

Finance, Insurance, Madison Financial Services PlcMay 28, 2017

Madison 2016 Annual Review
You are not a truly Zambian premier company if you have not listed on LuSE or have ever been first to market. We would like to believe that is how Madison views themselves as indicated in their 2016 annual report. Its arsenal currently comprises of Madison General (Insurance), MLife (Life Insurance), MFinance (Microfinance), MGen Tanzania […]

Finance, Madison Financial Services PlcMay 28, 2017

The Evolution of Madison Financial Services
Before analyzing the performance Madison Financial Services (MFS), their 2016 AR provides an interesting critical time line (CTL) of the evolution of the firm. It highlights how the modern firm answered  or buy dilemma. Furthermore, their history shows that they are a firm interested in growing and understand what business they are in. Their evolution […]

FinanceMay 26, 2017

Project Ekaris: The Rise of the Stock broker
In our second installment of FinInsight Zambia’s journey on the Lusaka Securities and Exchange, we thought it would be great to discuss our relationship with the stock broker that we chose to help us build our portfolio of companies on the stock exchange. As indicated in an earlier entry, stockbrokers are professionals who are trained […]