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 July 11, 2018

Zambia Sugar to Reduce Work Force

When Zambia Sugar’s Corporate Affairs Manager Sally Namutowe mad ...

 July 11, 2018

Listed notes: Options for Izwe's capital raising

On 7th May 2018, the Board of Izwe Loans Zambia Limited announced its ...

 July 6, 2018

Waste Management Must Be A Collaborative Effort

We have noted with deep concern the current discourse around the devel ...

 July 2, 2018

ZCCM IH 2017 Performance

In his maiden letter to shareholders, State Counsel Eric Silwamba (the ...

 June 24, 2018

A Sky Blue Wedding of The Banks In London?

It’s 19th May 2018 and millions of people across the globe are witne ...
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EconomyJanuary 13, 2018

Credit Constraint in Zambia

In 2017 Zambia’s economy was able to bounce back from the economic headwinds experienced in the previous two years. To further stimulate the economy


Economy, FIOctober 19, 2017

Prayers for China and Copper

In anticipation of the Day of National Prayer this past week one of my colleagues jokingly tabled that in addition to peace and reconciliation, as a n


Banking, Retail, ZANACO plcMay 28, 2018

ZANACO 2017 Performance

It’s always refreshing reading a board chairperson’s letter to shareholders in annual reports that speaks to the heart of what the firm tried to a


EconomyOctober 19, 2017

Will we experience inclusive growth?

The rhetoric for the 2018 budget is “Accelerating fiscal fitness for sustained inclusive growth, without leaving anyone behind”. The Minister of F