Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 17, 2020

Glencore and GRZ enter discussions over Mopani mine
Following months of speculation on the fate of one of Zambia’s mines, clarity through an announcement from the Minister of Mines has been given regarding how the fate of one of the countries oldest mines will be dealt with. Earlier in 2019, Glencore announced in May 2020 that it would be ceasing operations at the […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 12, 2020

Background ZCCM Investments Holdings PLC (“ZCCM-IH” or the “Company”) is an investment holding company with diversified interests in mining, energy, banking, property, and other sectors of the Zambian economy. The company has a primary listing of its Class “B” ordinary shares on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (“LuSE”), and secondary listings on the London Stock Exchange […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 8, 2020

ZCCM IH alive to the importance of Procurement Systems in the Mining industry
There are many challenges facing the mining industry and have credible procurement systems is one of them. According to Mining Procurement & Supply- East Coast of Australia, their 2013 report indicated that some of the challenges around mining procurement included: There are numerous pressures related to supporting the business to deliver cost efficiencies, due to […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 8, 2020

ZCCM IH CEO’s speech at the public procurement training workshop
Speech delivered  by ZCCM IH Mabvuto Chipata A significant percentage of our Company budget expenditure goes through the procurement unit that contracts suppliers of various goods and services. These goods and services are particularly administrative and investment-related, from hiring machinery for projects, undertaking of environmental project briefs, exploration services, consultancy services,

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 8, 2020

Official Opening of the ZCCM-IH Training Workshop on Electronic – Government Procurement (E-GP) System
ZPPA Director General’s speech at the public procurement training workshop It is with great pleasure and honour that i take this opportunity to welcome you all to this very important workshop. Thank you for having taken time off your busy schedules to attend this training workshop on electronic government procurement usage. As you may be […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcSeptember 3, 2020

ZCCM IH should desire more…
Mining is in ZCCM IH’s DNA. Many have heard the folklore of the once biggest mining conglomerate of Southern Africa.  Fraught with mixed fortunes and family silver sold, the investment group we know as one of Zambia’s leading investment vehicles, remains a beacon of hope for all future investments in the sector. Here is why. […]

Finance, Madison Financial Services PlcJuly 23, 2020

Madison Financial Services continues to ponder on asset disposal
Madison Financial Services has advised shareholders that it is still assessing which assets to dispose of in order to raise capital. The announcement comes a follow up to an earlier statement that came after an emergency general meeting that resolved that the company would consider disposing of assets in order to bridge the financing gap. […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJuly 21, 2020

Beyond Copper. Manganese mining commences in Serenje
After months of preparation, the Manganese Mining company established by ZCCM IH has finally commenced operations in Serenje. “ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (ZCCM-IH) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kabundi Resources Limited has started mining manganese with a targeted production capacity of 20, 000 tonnes per month by the end of the year”, according to information shared […

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJune 28, 2020

How the Mines and Minerals Act of 2015 validates ZCCM IH’s gold ambitions
“It’s no secret that many countries in Africa are perceived as doing the wrong things” said Rudolph De Bruin, Founding Partner of the private-equity fund AMED Funds, “and some of the main players in DRC have difficulty explaining certain issues to their shareholders.” However, “with good rewards come higher risks. DRC still has the better mineral […]

Finance, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJune 15, 2020

What they missed about the golden ambitions of ZCCM IH
Why Zambian artisanal miners deserve structure There is a livelihood that has been the bedrock of small-scale mining since time in memorial. The men, women, and children from across the world who wake up eat morning in search of pieces of minerals that promise to change their lives. Ironically though, though the informal nature and […]