Banking, ZANACO plcSeptember 25, 2017

ZANACO at 2017 half year
If there is a premier company that is reaping the rewards of improved liquidity in the market, it has to be the legacy giant Zanaco. Its performance at half year are impressive for the bank that is in the top 5 in Zambia. According to SENS announcement published on 29th August 2017, profit after tax […]


BankingAugust 29, 2017

Leadership: Are Premier Companies Doing Enough to Groom Leaders Organically?
Leadership in premier companies is an important aspect of the value creation process. The CEO sets the pace for executing the mandate of the board. The role requires that they live and breathe the strategy of the firm. Competitors will decode the signals from them when making choices of whether to compete or not. That […]

BankingJune 14, 2017

eCommerce: When Stanbic makes First Mover
As I watched the address by Stanbic’s technical speaker at their Tuesday 14th June event at their modern training center, I could not help but feel proud of what my preferred corporate bank had endeavored into. It may be the fine red wine that was being served or the cocktail food that was delicious but […]


Banking, Investrust Bank PlcMay 28, 2017

Investrust Bank: Negative Earnings but still in transition
So much has changed from the time Investrust Bank published its 2016 annual report. For example, Dr Jacob Mwanza’s statement to shareholders cites the BOZ rates that have since been subsequently reduced twice in the first two quarters in 2017. This changes the dynamics of how his bank will perform in a competitive market. However, […]

Banking, StandchartMay 22, 2017

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia at 110 years: Older and Bolder
Chairman Michael Mundashi opens his letter to shareholders with a bold statement of pride for the banks strengthen financial position as well as its achievement in remaining highly liquid in 2016. He commemorates the banks milestone by reminding us of how far they have come from their first branch in 1906 in Kalomo. He also […]

Banking, Cavmont, StandchartMay 19, 2017

Demystifying the Analysis of Zambian Banks Performance
The Lusaka Securities Exchange has 4 listed banks on its books. The banks are Cavmont Bank, Standard Chartered, Invest Trust and ZANACO. TFHZPC takes special care when analyzing banks due to the complexities of how these firms create value. Unlike other premier companies that are in the business of creating products or dominating a value […]

Banking, Finance, Lafarge, Taj Pamodzi Hotels PlcMay 12, 2017

The Role of the Auditor in the Corporate Governance of Zambian Premier Companies
This year’s Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) elections were the most exciting albeit much anticipated in the financial sector. The elections ushered in a seasoned bean counter in Jason Kazilimani as its new president, and we believe that he and his KPMG team will be an exemplar in the game “auditing and compliance” in […]

Banking, FinanceMay 8, 2017

The currency revolution we call Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin? The simple answer is a cryptocurrency that trades at around $1200 per bitcoin. However, complex journey the currency has gone which has allowed me to write the original sentence is much more interesting. In this article I will summarise what I believe most people greatest questions on the currency may be. Who […]

BankingApril 6, 2017

The first half of 2016 posed a significant challenge for many financial institutions on the back of tightened liquidity and volatile dollar. However, good news came in the form of measures put in place by the central bank in order to avoid further volatility. Inflation appears to have peak whilst interest rates have also reached […]

BankingApril 6, 2017

Industrial Development Corporation – The Road to IPO
Tucked away in Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone is an entity that is poised to set the Lusaka Stock Exchange alight. When President E. Lungu made the statement to parliament on the significance of the IDC and its mandate to take companies to Initial Public Offering (IPO) or listing, TFHZPC got really excited about the […]