Economy, OpinionMarch 22, 2021

Are all employees in Zambia entitled to housing?
Between 1996 and 1997, the Government of the Republic of Zambia introduced a home empowerment scheme for employees of the Government and public entities which permitted groups of employees to purchase houses. Under this policy, the eligible employees were those who were sitting tenants during the course of employment and had not yet been paid […]

Opinion, Personal FinanceNovember 25, 2019

Gratuity: Protection of workers or killer of business in Zambia
Gratuity was initially crafted as a benefit, intended for employees who have worked for a sustained period of time, as a kind of reward for long-service. This benefit is hugely popular and a huge incentive for Zambian employees. Before the new Employment Code Act came into force, the employment benefit of gratuity was only a […]

Economy, OpinionSeptember 23, 2019

Has the Employment Code Act made it difficult to fire workers who commit serious misconduct?
Termination without notice or summary dismissal is often referred to as instant dismissal. This is the most serious kind of dismissal because it is often affected where the employee has committed a fundamental breach of his contract or the employee by his conduct commits a serious offense that undermines his duty to the employer.   […]

Economy, OpinionSeptember 23, 2019

The Companies Act recognizes that Directors need to take risks
Directors are employed to not just manage the affairs of the business, but also take necessary risks, often under severe time pressures – some risks pay off and some risks do not. The directors’ key skill is one of balancing the risk and time factors, recognizing that their company’s success and failure will depend on […]

Economy, Opinion, StrategyJuly 24, 2019

Could the Employment Code Act prove to be a hinderance to sustainable business in Zambia?
In February 2019, the Zambian Government tabled the Employment Code Bill before Parliament. The Bill is the culmination of the 2014 Labour Issues Paper that was drafted by the ILO and Zambian Professor Evance Kalula that sought to provide recommendations on employment law reform. On 11th April 2019, the Bill was approved by Parliament and […]


Opinion, StrategyJuly 24, 2019

Can Shareholders overrule decisions of their Directors in a Zambia Company?
Agency conflicts can occur when the incentives of the agent do not align with those of the principal. That is why understanding the relationship between the directors and shareholders is important because one needs to be aware that each party has the right to exercises different powers. Further, the relationship between directors and shareholders often […]