Agriculture, Zambeef Products PlcMarch 26, 2017

Zambeef aggressively feeding the nation..and literally growing value
Just had a quick look at the Zambeef Financials (2013-15) and quiet impressive. Aside from their acquisitions and haircuts received from exchange losses that may cloud the accounts over the last 2 financial years, financial management is sound in my opinion. No apparent risk of default on obligations (although they have a cocktail of instruments […]

Mining, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcMarch 26, 2017

ZCCM-IH Getting bigger
ZCCM-IH’s 2014-2015 financials make for interesting reading. The company embarked on investments over the last two years that when consolidated into the accounts led to major impairments being declared in the financials. As a result, the consolidated group’s operating expenses were swollen due to administrative costs caused by impairments from its takeovers. Other external macro [&hell

FinanceMarch 26, 2017

Corporate Governance could be the key in boasting confidence in Zambia’s Stock Exchange
Ignore Corporate Governance at your companies peril After assessing 5 of the most admired companies on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LSE), I believe it is prudent to provide a few enlightening comments regarding Corporate Governance. Firm value is of utmost importance when investors are looking at placing a bet on a company. However, one of […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)March 26, 2017

Property continues to be a sure bet for REIZ Plc
Real Estate Investments Zambia PLC (REIZ, of the Farmers House fame) has a plethora of properties that has ensured a bottom-line that is impressive amidst numerous headwinds in the macro environment that range from a devaluing currency, an inflation jump from 7% to 21.1%, and depreciated growth in the economy. Kenny Makula its Chairman, remains […]

FinanceMarch 26, 2017

When did debt become a bad thing?
When a Zambian entrepreneur decides to take his big idea to the next level, he/she is often faced with the challenge of finding finance. Usually this is coupled with having a belief system that is in two dimensions: First being, do you believe in the idea? The second being are you able to convince other […]

Finance, Insurance, Madison Financial Services PlcMarch 26, 2017

Madison Financial Services – A class act in the art of diversification
The Madison Financial Services Group has come a long way from the glory days of the ambitious Greek supremo Andrew Sardanis (Founder of Madison). They were the first to market with an insurance offering post 1992. With shareholder interests being managed by Lawrence Sikutwa & Associates, the 2004 increase in shareholding to 100% in Madison Insurance set […]

Banking, ZANACO plcMarch 26, 2017

Reawakening The Beast – ZANACO’s Bold Move To Reinvent Itself
Following GRZ’s 2007 sale of 49% share sale to Rabo Development Bank, Zanaco has fraught to shake off the ghosts of old that have pulled it back from being a considered front runner in the modern competitive banking industry. Small wonder that Charity Lumpa and her team have embarked on a bold move that is targeting […]


Retail, Shoprite Holdings PlcMarch 26, 2017

Economies of Scale key to Shoprite’s Success
As Zambians, we all love Shoprite. From its wide assortment of groceries, this chain of stores offers a dynamic yet consistent family shopping experience for many of its customers. Originating from South Africa, the group has been embarking on an aggressive campaign of expanding its network of stores across Africa. Stability in the economies they […]

Airtel Networks Plc, TelecomMarch 26, 2017

Data and So Che Generating Value at Airtel? Really??
The proverbial macro-economic challenges that have faced many of the premier companies in Zambia that we are looking at also extended to Bhati Airtel Zambia. This is company that is currently in an oligopoly (5 or less companies competing) fighting for a place in the soul of your mobile device.   In 2015, Airtel recorded […]

Energy, ZAMEFA PlcMarch 26, 2017

Why Everyone Loves Using ZAMEFA Cables
The ubiquitous preposition by many that are currently or have built is that ZAMEFA provides the best copper cable for doing the electrical wiring for all construction projects. Some even argue that City Center is the best place to get original “ZAMEFA”. Little did I know that this company based in Luanshya is actually owned […]