FinanceMarch 6, 2017

The Quest for the Ultimate Value Creating Machine
When the team at TFHZPC sat down to look at all the reviews of the 20+ companies on LUSE, the thing that stood out from most companies is the techniques they used in sustaining their operations. It is very clear that many of these companies have a clear focus on how they perceive their operations […]

Construction, LafargeMarch 6, 2017

Lafarge 2016 Half Year Review
When we reviewed the 2015 annual performance of the only cement player on the LUSE, we indicated that they were in a price war with a player who had aggressive intentions of growing market share through using low prices and controlling or incorporating components of the vertical chain of cement distribution unlike incumbent competitors. As […]


Airtel Networks Plc, Lafarge, StrategyMarch 6, 2017

How to Fight a Price War in Zambia
Entering into a price war is usually a distant thought for the average Zambian entrepreneur. On the one hand, some often chose to ignore it and face certain doom over the long run (evidence from small businesses that have closed down due to failure to compete on price). Others on the other hand, chose to […]

MiningMarch 6, 2017

First Quantum – 2016 Half Year Results
The mining company has had a phenomenal over the last 3 months leading up to June 2016. According to their CEO and Chairman Philip Pascall, two of the company’s strategic bets are paying off. The first is its improvements in cost and efficiency notably at Kansashi in Zambia. What is fascinating about this mine is […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)March 6, 2017

Real Estate Investments Zambia PLC – 2016 Half Year Results
The operations component of any entity that seeks to create and sustain value is the vital organ that can either allow a firm to succeed or fail. Real Estate Investments made the bold decision in 2015 to restructure the group’s operations and those changes according to its management are beginning to bear fruit. Interim results […]

StrategyMarch 6, 2017

TFHZPC meets the Dragon
In his 3rd installment of his famous trilogy, Michael Porter gave the world “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”. As I sat down in a hotel in Yantai China, I could not help but reflect on how a communist nation had been able to manage its billion plus population by steer it into a value creating […]

Energy, Puma Energy (Z) PlcMarch 6, 2017

PUMA – Half Year Results
Puma’s current half year offering is mirror of where they left off from the 2015 Annual Report. They are still faced with the same macro environmental forces that threaten value. This has put a lot of pressure on their management team to remain efficient albeit in a time when they have chosen the path of […]

EconomyMarch 6, 2017

The Cost of Capital in Zambia
Entrepreneurs beware. Capital budgeting is real. You could be starting up a small “nthemba” that sells talk time, setting up a butchery in high density area, investing in heavy equipment that will see you offer a service that many locals only dreamed would be provided by Multinational Corps (MNCs): knowing your cost of capital is […]

StrategyMarch 6, 2017

Can the “Cardrepreneur” Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage in Zambia?
Its deals season. Brief case business with political acumen are on the rise. The dawn of small businessmen with access to some of the most lucrative deals has been reignited. They often operate as proxies (vertically integrating themselves for convenience during the short run of a deal). Value is created when the payoff comes through […]

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, EnergyMarch 6, 2017

CEC’s quest for Naira destroying value in the medium term
Copperbelt Energy Group’s 2014 and 2015 results show a company gradually making strides to create more shareholder value by seeking foreign markets. According to its CEO, the exportation of energy to the DRC was key in ensuring a consistently improved revenue stream. However, liquidity shortages on the back on the global financial crisis and below […]