Economy, Personal FinanceNovember 22, 2021

Kukula participates in the successful launch of the Regulatory Sandbox under The Securities and Exchange Commission, Zambia.
Under its mandate to supervise and promote the development of the Zambian Capital Market, the SEC of Zambia launched the Regulatory Sandbox. A Sandbox is essentially a “safe environment” in which the testing of capital market innovations can be facilitated under a set of conditions and limitations designed to protect investors. The sandbox, therefore, provides a […]

Economy, Personal Finance, RetailNovember 2, 2020

Fuel Shortage and its Potential Impact on businesses
In the past week, news of a potential fuel shortage circulated around social media in reaction to a significant number of fueling stations not having any fuel. Lusaka residents resorted to panic buying by rushing to their nearest fueling stations and filling up their tanks in preparation for the shortage. But what is the cause […]

Personal Finance, StrategyOctober 5, 2020

75% of Zambian professions opt for Village banking over financial institution offerings
In a recent poll conducted by Financial Insight Zambia, 75 percent of Zambian professionals who took part in it indicated that Village banking offered better returns compared to most products offered by financial institutions. The survey which was conducted on’s LinkedIn platform that has over 10,000 professionals shows a growing trend by most professionals […]

Opinion, Personal FinanceSeptember 4, 2020

81% of professionals prefer mobile money and e-wallets, according to FIZ poll
COVID-19 appears to have changed how Zambian professionals handle their personal finances. According to a poll conducted by this website, 81% of professionals from various professional sectors who follow the website responded in the affirmative to using mobile money and e-wallet offerings following the advent of COVID-19. With mobile telecommunication penetration far north of 50% […]

Opinion, Personal Finance, StrategyAugust 16, 2020

Women Banking and Entrepreneurship – The importance of Disaggregated data
According to the World Bank, Zambia accounts for one of the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs on the African Continent. The Financial Scope Report of 2015 further states that there is still a huge financing gap where 67% of Zambian women are financially excluded compared to 57% of men. Sex Disaggregated data is key in […]

Banking, Opinion, Personal FinanceAugust 8, 2020

Access to credit in Zambia has become increasingly important as people seek out ways of getting money at a cheap cost. The biggest problem we have under or local credit markets is not that there isn’t enough money for everyone to access. Far from it. It is the plethora and complexity of credit options available. […]

Opinion, Personal Finance, StrategyApril 3, 2020

‘Corona financial crises’ explained – Workforce mobility impact
A financial crisis, according to the Oxford dictionary of economics is the collapse or potential collapse of a financial institution that threatens the stability of the financial system. The key feature is systemic meaning the collapse of one major Government, financial or business institution collapse threatens other institutions. A financial crisis has similar characteristics almost […]

Economy, Opinion, Personal FinanceMarch 5, 2020

Mobile Money versus E-Wallet – Why MoMo will carry the day
“Excuse me Bana Mulenga, is it ok if I pay for the tomatoes with an e-wallet or mobile money?” To which Bana Mulenga responds without hesitation that ‘MoMo’ is her preferred option to achieve financial close. There has been a salient battle that has ensued since the advent of ‘digital’ money. While brick and mortar […]

Opinion, Personal FinanceNovember 25, 2019

Gratuity: Protection of workers or killer of business in Zambia
Gratuity was initially crafted as a benefit, intended for employees who have worked for a sustained period of time, as a kind of reward for long-service. This benefit is hugely popular and a huge incentive for Zambian employees. Before the new Employment Code Act came into force, the employment benefit of gratuity was only a […]

Opinion, Personal Finance, StrategyOctober 16, 2019

The Inevitability of technology dependence in the Accounting Industry
I vividly remember sitting in that lecture theatre as a third-year Computer Science student, (2015, DMI-ST.EUGENE UNIVERSITY) when one of our lecturers informed us that as a requirement, we were to undertake “Principles of Accounting” as a mandatory course. As you would guess, this did not make sense to many of us at the time. […]