Economy, OpinionNovember 22, 2021

The 2022 Budget in terms of Science and Technology
Before the United Party for National Development (UPND) was ushered into power through the electoral process, they had clearly expressed interest in Science and Technology. There is a dedication on the matter in their latest party manifesto on page 28. The UPND-led government passed its 2022 budget highlighting many critical aspects to the growth of […]

Economy, OpinionNovember 19, 2021

Weekly Bond Market Diary (8th to 12th November 2021)
In the Second week into the month of November, 2021 bond trading, yet another week of no bonds being traded. Bonds are a low risk investment issued when the government borrows money from its people. You can purchase bonds using the Lusaka Securities Exchange Application online.   Monday 8th   There were no bonds traded […]

Economy, OpinionNovember 19, 2021

Weekly Capital Market Review (8th to 12th November 2021)  
Two weeks into the month of November Bond trading on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. Yet another week of bonds not being recorded this leaves the equities market completely dominating the bond market with a score of 100% on capital markets. Hoping for a turnaround in the weeks to come before the close of the final […]

Economy, OpinionNovember 19, 2021

Weekly Stock Market Review (8th to 12th November 2021)
In the Second week of November 2021 trading on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, seventeen companies’ securities recorded trades with Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines. Fridays’ equities trading was the best performance of the week. Trading activity was recorded in BATA, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO ZAMBIA, COPPERBELT ENERGY CORPORATION, INVESTRUST, LAFARGE, MADISON FINANCIAL SERVICES, PAMDOZI, ZAMBIA REI

EconomyNovember 19, 2021

Daily FiZ – Friday 19/11
Story of the Day: Agriculture plays a vital role in Zambia’s economy. According to the policy for monitoring and evaluation (PMRC) up to 70% of the labour force is currently engaged in the agriculture sector. It is estimated that approximately 1.6 million small-scale farms and about 1,000 large-scale farms characterize the sector. A large majority […]

EconomyNovember 18, 2021

Daily FiZ – Thursday 18/11
Story of the Day: GreenCo Power Services, a Mauritius-based subsidiary of Africa GreenCo Group, has joined the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). GreenCo joined the SAPP as a Market Participant on October 8th, 2021. GreenCo Group CEO Ana Hajduka thanks the SAPP team and existing SAPP members for their faith and support of innovative new […]

Economy, OpinionNovember 18, 2021

A Budgetary Review of the Transport and Logistics Sector 2021 to 2022
The transport and logistics sector has been highlighted as one of the key areas earmarked for growth under the UPND manifesto. The budget pronouncements made recently by the Minister of Finance Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane, highlight a number of key areas of interest for the new administration. The first of which is traditional road infrastructure. In […]

EconomyNovember 17, 2021

Daily FiZ – Wednesday 17/11
Story of the Day: To support universal and affordable broadband access in Africa, IFC has partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies to expand data center capacity and the rollout of fiber-optic cable on the continent. Read more  Local Business and Finance Sponsored By Liquid Intelligent Technologies President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia is not a landlocked country, […]

EconomyNovember 16, 2021

Daily FiZ – Tuesday 16/21
Story of the Day: On 15th October, 2021 the Minister of Energy, Mr. Kapala, appraised Members of Parliament on  ZESCO’s debt position. The minister announced that the national utility’s total debt was standing at $3.5billion. The country’s main electricity supplier has amassed debt due to costly payables due to emergency power supplier and Independent Power […]

EconomyNovember 15, 2021

Daily FiZ – Monday 15/11
Story of the Day: Formerly AEL, AECL Mining Explosives Plc is known for producing and supplying explosives in Zambia. Additionally, the company’s products and services in the form of manufacturing facilities and explosives are relevant to Central Africa. With a focus on surface and underground mining, where the explosives are used. Malawi, Tanzania and the […]