BeverageJune 29, 2017

A Standing Ovation Performance: Zambrew 2017 Review
To create value from cassava on the back of one of the most challenge macroeconomic periods for business Zambia has ever seen deserves a standing ovation. It is clear from the Chairman of Zambrew, Valentine Chitalu, that he was proud of what Annabelle Degroot and her team had accomplished by financial year end 2017. Not […]

Beverage, National Breweries, Zambian BreweriesJune 26, 2017

The History of Beer in Zambia
Zambian Breweries, born in 1963. Started off as Northern Breweries Limited. Back then it was a private company formed by South African Breweries and Labatt Breweries of Canada in a 80 to 20 percent shareholding agreement. Plants started brewing in Ndola and Lusaka. However, in 1963,government nationalized the company splitting it into two separate entities:Zambian […]

Beverage, National BreweriesJune 23, 2017

How Opaque Can You Get? National Breweries 2016-17 Review
Valentine Chitalu, National Breweries Chairman, does not mince his words when he implies his company is at war in a differentiated oligopoly market for opaque beer. Although he cites “economic shocks experienced in the local economy for most of 2015 and part of 2016 that included power shortages, low copper prices, volatile exchange rates and […]

Beverage, National Breweries, Zambian BreweriesMay 22, 2017

Budweiser lacks taste for Chibuku 2017
On 16th May 2017, shareholders of National Breweries were issued with a cautionary note relating to circumstances relating to NatBrew. A further cautionary note was issued on 17 th of May which indicated that the maker of global brands Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois (Anheuser-BuschInBev SA/NV) was undertaking a review of its strategic options relating to its investment in NatBrew, [&hell

Beverage, Zambian BreweriesApril 6, 2017

Zambian Breweries – More drinks to come
2015 will be remembered for the wrath of the 50% excise duty on alcoholic beverages and the proliferation of smuggled castle lite prompting a change in strategy. Zambrew loves you. They gave you more beer for less albeit taking a haircut in revenue growth year on year. The stewardship of the company has been great […]

Beverage, National Breweries, RetailJuly 7, 2016

Opaque is the Clearest Way to See Value: National Breweries
It always pays to have a highly liquid big brother. Such is the case with National Breweries (NB) that has enjoyed outstanding performance in the last 5 years. A subsidiary to SABMiller, NB had the same concerns as its parent company which we covered here. But most threatening was the deterioration of the exchange rate […]