Finance, Insurance, Prima Reinsurance PlcJuly 12, 2016

Blood on the Insurance Dance Floor
In KPMG’s 2013 sector report on insurance, Zambia was poised to experience explosive growth in the insurance industry. The stars were aligned, GDP was on the up and business prospects for the 23 business registered as at October that same year looked set for a bloodbath for clients. Fast forward 2015, the macro environment evolved. […]

StrategyJuly 7, 2016

Are Oligopolies the Answer to Zambian Companies Being Innovative?
Competition in any economy is the driving force for innovation. Much has been written about its importance however, competition in Zambia has not been fully been embraced by those that chose to play the competitive game. Much of what lacks in Zambian competition is knowledge of what type of players are in a game. What […]

Footwear, Zambia Bata Shoe PlcJuly 7, 2016

Bata By Choice: Value becomes Elusive for the Shoe Maker
I recall the time when I was a young lad and my parents would get me the black Batas that would last me an entire school year. The company’s product back then and now have been known for being robust, durable and quite trendy. Bata has been the choice footwear for many middle and low […]

Finance, Insurance, Madison Financial Services PlcJuly 7, 2016

Madison Rated King of LUSE – Daily Mail
The Daily Mail in its July 20 Business News reports Madison being the titan of LUSE with over 70% of revenue being generated from share transactions of the company’s stock. This blog covered their 2015 performance in “Madison Financial Services – A Class Act in Diversification” which you can read about here. Headlines like this make […]

Beverage, National Breweries, RetailJuly 7, 2016

Opaque is the Clearest Way to See Value: National Breweries
It always pays to have a highly liquid big brother. Such is the case with National Breweries (NB) that has enjoyed outstanding performance in the last 5 years. A subsidiary to SABMiller, NB had the same concerns as its parent company which we covered here. But most threatening was the deterioration of the exchange rate […]

TourismJuly 6, 2016

Pamodzi Hotel: Opulence Meets Value
When a guest wakes up from a smooth soft bed and soothing pillows, one of the first things that comes to mind is the bang for buck he or she got from paying the daily rate of sleeping in a luxurious hotel room. Pamodzi Hotel, a house hold name in Zambia has opulence that has […]

Energy, Puma Energy (Z) PlcJuly 6, 2016

As I poured through the Puma 2015 Annual Report whilst the petrol attendant put gas in my car, I could not help but feel proud of the strides that J.J. Sikazwe (its chairman) and his management team had placed in ensuring that their company took pride in the safety of its customers and employees. Their […]

Banking, ZANACO plcJuly 1, 2016

Understanding How Banking in Zambia Is Impacted by the 6 Force in Porter’s Model
In his famous 1979 article for the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Michael Porter introduced the world to what was known then as the Five Forces Framework. Later on, in 2008, prior to global financial crisis (as if it was a premonition of things to come), he extended the 5 forces framework to 6. This 6th force […]


Banking, Investrust Bank PlcJuly 1, 2016

When Trust is Tested: Investrust in transition
In 2015, there was a change of leadership in the midst of a very difficult year for Investrust Bank Plc. Dr Jacob Mwanza (Chairman) said farewell to Friday Ndhlovu who retired as MD and was replaced by Dr. Chembe who unfortunately was taken ill on Christmas day 2015 leaving the board to appoint Mr Isaiah […]

MiningJuly 1, 2016

“OUR FOCUS IS CLEAR” screamed the First Quantum Mining (FQM) 2015 Annual Report. From the onset, with the paradox of tumbling commodity prices from the New York stock exchange to the London metal exchange, it’s very clear that the management team want to convey a message of focus and strength at the mining conglomerate. They […]