Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)September 19, 2017

IAS 40 Bites REIZ at Half Year
On nine eleven 2017, REIZ published its half year results. The company is enjoying pursing ubiquitous projects in some of the provincial capitals of Zambia. Although at half year in 2017 they are currently 53% less than where they were in the previous year (earnings wise), rental income only dropped by 5.85%. This was largely […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)June 8, 2017

Real Estate in Zambia: When Prime gets bloody
Zambians love construction. Wherever you find men and women of means, they are always proud to speak about their construction projects. It’s become a favorite pastime for many with some looking at their projects as a means of “saving money”. However, what is interesting with the construction landscape is the diversity of projects that have […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ), RetailApril 24, 2017

The Mall Game is Beyond Bloody
When Hyprop Investments Limited bought Manda Hill in 2013,they believed they had landed themselves a gem. With two anchor stores in Game and Shoprite, Manda Hill was the quintessential mall of choice for any retailer who wanted to tap into the gold of the 40,561 sq meters on offer. With 109 stores and 1434 parking […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)April 8, 2017

REIZ – Seeking a Dominant Build in Zambia
With national growth projected at between 3-4%in 2017, REIZ will be pursing premium offerings on their property and a continued strategy of operating cost reduction. However, competition in the industry is becoming bloody with new players on the retail and commercial office space market. Off note are the projects on the “golden mile” signaling multiple […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)March 26, 2017

Property continues to be a sure bet for REIZ Plc
Real Estate Investments Zambia PLC (REIZ, of the Farmers House fame) has a plethora of properties that has ensured a bottom-line that is impressive amidst numerous headwinds in the macro environment that range from a devaluing currency, an inflation jump from 7% to 21.1%, and depreciated growth in the economy. Kenny Makula its Chairman, remains […]

Real Estate, Real Estate investments Zambia (REIZ)March 6, 2017

Real Estate Investments Zambia PLC – 2016 Half Year Results
The operations component of any entity that seeks to create and sustain value is the vital organ that can either allow a firm to succeed or fail. Real Estate Investments made the bold decision in 2015 to restructure the group’s operations and those changes according to its management are beginning to bear fruit. Interim results […]