BankingApril 6, 2017

Industrial Development Corporation – The Road to IPO
Tucked away in Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone is an entity that is poised to set the Lusaka Stock Exchange alight. When President E. Lungu made the statement to parliament on the significance of the IDC and its mandate to take companies to Initial Public Offering (IPO) or listing, TFHZPC got really excited about the […]

BankingApril 6, 2017

MPC – How the 5th Force Continues to Reign
On 16th November 2016, the central bank governor Denny Kalyalya announced the decisions of the monetary policy committee. This quarterly announcement sets the tone of how the money in the country will “behave” over the coming months. With the budget recently announced by the finance minister, financial institutions listened with intent on how they will navigate […]

MarketingApril 6, 2017

Love Marks – The Future of Brands
Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi, describes “Love Marks”, as a growing phenomenon of advertising, which are destined to take over from the concept of brands. Evidently, love marks, as a brand, create loyalty beyond reason by allowing consumers to build an emotional connection that uses mystery, sensuality and intimacy. In Zambia, […]

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, Energy, TelecomApril 6, 2017

Many Faces of Premier Companies – How To Not Be Myopic
In his famous Harvard Business Review article, Theodore Levitt told stories of how the US railway industry forgot what business they were in and were fast overtaken but road and air transportation. We have been reviewing some of the behaviors of certain premier companies and it’s clear to us that some of them chose to […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

No Systemic Risk for Zambia’s Financial System
We have seen some of the headlines coming from popular publications and we are dismayed by the some of the social media sentiments on the stability of the financial system that supports premier companies in Zambia. For the record, we are not experts on the Zambian banking system, however, we do know what systemic risk […]

StrategyApril 6, 2017

When Dominos Fall – Of Demergers and Divestures
History always provides us with lessons for the future. We at TFHZPC draw our strength from our ability to use numbers to decode historical trends that can provide an indication that supports our ‘gut feel’ on how the strategic tendencies of premier companies will be shaped. We take you back with our insight into the […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

The Macro Environment Explained
For a while now, we have brought you blogs about the fundamentals that make premier companies in Zambia special. We have talked about how the macro environment has influenced some of the success and failure of these companies. But whilst drinking a glass of wine at an exclusive pub in Lusaka, a native asked the […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

Superior Competitive Advantage: The key to survival in 2017
At the close of every year, we all have that moment when we think about the past year and what we would have done better. We also consider what we learned from the past year that will enable us make positive strides in the coming New Year. Resolutions, many would call them. For premier companies […]

Finance, LafargeApril 6, 2017

Hello 2017! But Wait. Why a Stoppage of Trade on Lafarge Security?
After enjoying a brief hiatus over the festive season that was laden of copulas amounts of all manner of hedonistic treats, we clicked on the Lusaka Stock Exchange’s lead story of a trade suspension ergo “SUSPENSION OF TRADING IN LAFARGE, ISIN ZM0000000011”. Now before all the Christmas pudding you eat starts to dissolve quickly due […]


FinanceApril 6, 2017

Aide Memoire of Industries Participating on LUSE.
The stock market is not for everyone. Our opinion is that it should be. However, we understand that ubiquitous information asymmetry render many potential would be investors ill equipped to make decisions of what stock can build up a value creating portfolio. TFHZPC seeks to provide some insight into the decision making process because we […]