FinanceMarch 9, 2017

Executive Pay in Premier Companies: Paradox of Performance and Remuneration
It is somewhat culturally acceptable in Zambia not to discuss executive pay. A study of the real reason why this is so has not been conducted recently therefore it is difficult to pin down the reason why it is not an issue. We are not advocating for it to be one. No! However, we cognizant […]

Finance, ZAMEFA PlcMarch 9, 2017

ZAMEFA – Looking East For Value
The electrical cable company has been in transition over the last 6 months. General Cable, its former parent company successfully offloaded 75.4% shares to Reunert International Investments (Mauritius) Limited (listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange). According to their Managing Director, Rosetta M Chabala, this was a significant turning point for the company in 2016. She […]


Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, Energy, FinanceMarch 9, 2017

CEC PLC – Not so Impaired Value
From the moment we published “CEC’s quest for Naira destroying value in the medium term” last year, we knew that the 2016 CEC PLC annual report would be an exciting read. Investors in CEC would be anxious to see how their company performed in 2016. In his statement to shareholders, Chairman Hanson Sindowe acknowledged the […]

FinanceMarch 9, 2017

AEL Zambia Limited – Dynamite comes in reduced packages.
We have been waiting with baited breath for our first company analysis for 2017. The financials for AEL dropped on our desk and we knew it had interesting insights on the performance of this explosives company that services the mines. Although the annual report is not yet out (we used audit financial results for 2016 […]

FinanceMarch 8, 2017

The Anatomy of The Annual Report
It’s that time of the year again. It’s the season for company secretaries to prepare the documentation for the proverbial Annual General Meeting (AGM). Printers and scanners will be working overtime. “Note to shop that sells ink cartridges!” Needless to say this is an important day on a premier company’s calendar. One worth notable […]

BankingMarch 8, 2017

MPC – January 2017
Central Banks are at the heart of any economy. Their importance goes back a long time and their relevance today remains crucial in steering any economy forward. It is no wonder that on 20th and 21st of January, all eyes were on the bank of Zambia governor Denny Kalyalya and his team as they poured through critical […]

Banking, ZANACO plcMarch 8, 2017

ZANACO – 2016 Half Year Review
In their summarized and unaudited results published for the period ended 30 June 2016, Zanaco faced a challenging first half of the year with net profit margin down from 19% a year ago to 14%. A positive though was the bank being well capitalized above the minimum ratio of 10% requirement. Earnings and EBIT were […]


Finance, ZAMEFA PlcMarch 8, 2017

ZAMEFA – 2016 Half Year Review
In part 3 of our project to bring you insights into value creation by some of the elite companies in Zambia, we had the opportunity to interview the CEO of ZAMEFA in July 2016. Coincidently, Rosetta Chabala was celebrating a fantastic half year performance by the company. The exclusive of the interview will published soon. […]


Agriculture, Retail, Zambeef Products PlcMarch 6, 2017

ZAMBEEF – 2016 Half Year Review
As the 2016 Zambian presidential election results strolled in, many of our readers were busy tucking into Zambeef’s products. The quality of their products resonates with their 2016 half year performance. What stood out from the interim report is how well the vertically integrated company performed operationally. They continue to focus on their core business […]

Economy, Finance, Madison Financial Services PlcMarch 6, 2017

Why List on LUSE?
As the founder of TFHZPC sat down to have a pint at one of Lusaka’s finest pubs, the question of why the financial health of Zambian companies was so important was posed to him by a local. “Are not all companies good enough for this trending blog of yours?” To the contrary, small and medium […]