EconomyMay 24, 2019

Daily FiZ – Friday 24/05
Domestic Premium Audit Consulting awarded by Romania International Development Cooperation Agency (RoAid) with a development grant for a pre-feasibility study as a preliminary tool in the Smart City Program; a housing project and aid to the development and upgrade of compound areas in Lusaka. Read more: Lusaka Times Chongwe Member of Parliament Japhen Mwakalombe has […]

EconomyMay 23, 2019

Daily FiZ – Thursday 22/05
Domestic The Bank of Zambia yesterday announced the new policy rate of 10.25% up 50 basis points from the previous rate of 9.75% in quarter one of 2019 in order to keep inflation within the range of 8% as government’s target goal was an inflation rate of 6-8%. Read more: BOZ Luapula Province Minister Nixon […]

Economy, OpinionMay 22, 2019

How Can Development Finance Initiatives (DFIs) Serve the Needs of African Distributed Generation?
  For energy projects, concessional finance has always tended toward public sector led grid extension programmes that emphasise the number of connections made and the deal size.  As a result, the success stories of individual business are prioritised to the detriment of more rural projects developed by Decentralised Energy Service Companies (DESCOs), the latter naturally […]

EconomyMay 22, 2019

Daily FiZ – Wednesday 22/05
Domestic The liquidator for Konkola Copper Mines has taken charge of the assets of KCM to facilitate the transition process of liquidation. Read more: The Independent Observer Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe has refuted reports of introducing exchange controls to arrest the Kwacha slide. Read more: The Independent Observer Heightened trade tensions between the United […]

Economy, OpinionMay 21, 2019

Tracking MPC Announcements from Bank of Zambia
On 22nd May 2019, Zambia’s Central Bank Governor Dr Denny Kalyalya announces the Q2 MPC Decision. In order to appreciate the fundamentals of how the Dr. Denny and his MPC team have been shaping the course of monetary policy, here is a collection of the headline announcements following the MPC committee meetings since the epilogue […]

Economy, Opinion, Personal FinanceMay 21, 2019

Crowd Funding – A New Hope
Crowd funding is the biggest opportunity of the century. Imagine getting a huge sum of cash with little or no interest rates with favorable terms and conditions with a people you share same interests. Sound familiar? Of course it is! Maybe you call it something different like insurance, ‘chilimba’, savings group, village banking or capital […]

Economy, Opinion, RetailMay 21, 2019

The US-China Trade War and how it’s affecting the rest of us – A case of collateral damage
Since January 2018, the United States of America (USA) and China have been involved in an intense trade war that continues to escalate by the day. Trump’s campaign promises were very American-centric and one of his key messages was around addressing the issue of China’s unfair trade practices caused by loopholes in the international trade […]

EconomyMay 21, 2019

Daily FiZ – Tuesday 21/05
Domestic Zambia has started to look for a new investor in Vedanta-controlled Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), President Edgar Lungu said on Monday, in a move likely to stoke international miners’ concerns about rising government intervention in the sector. Read more: Reuters According to Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, the new Sales Tax would enable Government collect […]

British American Tobacco, RetailMay 20, 2019

Duo Director exit at BAT following a resignation and retirement
British American Tobacco Plc. Zambia announced the exit of two Directors from the company effective 30th April 2019. BAT is a major distributor of cigarettes in Zambia and one of the two companies that have opened factories in Lusaka’s MFEZ which has had a positive impact on the company’s revenues as the move cooled off […]

Economy, OpinionMay 20, 2019

Week 20 Stock Market Update (13th to 17th May)
Trading on the LuSe in Week 20 was bearish recording over 80% fall in trade volume and turnover. The bond market however, recorded its most bullish week yet as investors switched from equities to fixed income. Equity Market Performance “In the week ended 16th May 2019, a total of 58,345 shares were transacted in 47 […]