FinanceMay 17, 2017

MPC goes south before winter
Zambian economists waited with baited breath for Dr. Denny Kalyalya’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announcement post their March 15th to 16th meeting which had two items on its agenda: 1.      Lower the Policy Rate by 150 basis points to12.5% from 14.0%; and 2.      Reduce the Statutory Reserve Ratio by 300 basispoints to 12.5% from 15.5% Well, the […]

FinanceMay 17, 2017

Project Ekaris: Lusaka Securities Exchange Protocol
At the launch of Financial Insight Zambia, the founder of the firm, aptly known as TFHZPC made a bold announcement that his firm would be making an investment of 2000 British pounds (ZMW 23k) through an angel investor who has shown confidence in the work his team is doing. According to their website, Lusaka […]

FinanceMay 15, 2017

Founders Speech Delivered at Launch of Financial Insight Zambia Website
On behalf of Roman and myself, I would like to acknowledge the presence of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, My elder sister Hon Nkandu Luo,Our Corporate Sponsors HLB, KPMG, STANBIC and ZAMEFA.   I stand before you as a humble Zambian whose mission for the last 9 months has been devoted to […]

FinanceMay 12, 2017

Why the Dividend is an important signal
After the economic depression of 2014 to 2015 and the exogenous macro environment of the same period, some companies on LuSE were at pains to pay dividends. A review of annual reports from most listed companies indicate that the discussion of dividend policy is an important issue at the annual general meeting. For those companies […]

Banking, Finance, Lafarge, Taj Pamodzi Hotels PlcMay 12, 2017

The Role of the Auditor in the Corporate Governance of Zambian Premier Companies
This year’s Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) elections were the most exciting albeit much anticipated in the financial sector. The elections ushered in a seasoned bean counter in Jason Kazilimani as its new president, and we believe that he and his KPMG team will be an exemplar in the game “auditing and compliance” in […]

FinanceMay 10, 2017

Financial Insight Zambia is Born
Last night at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka, I delivered what I believe was the speech of a life time. As a founder of Financial Insight, I am proud of the work we are doing for the financial sector in Zambia. More so, I am encouraged by the readership and support we have received. I […]

Banking, FinanceMay 8, 2017

The currency revolution we call Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin? The simple answer is a cryptocurrency that trades at around $1200 per bitcoin. However, complex journey the currency has gone which has allowed me to write the original sentence is much more interesting. In this article I will summarise what I believe most people greatest questions on the currency may be. Who […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

Respect One Two Three
In Zambia, we are big on numbers. Whether its vote tallies in the last general election, to the amount we are currently paying for fuel to the general perception of how much money it will take to develop our country. But ever wonder why some numbers are often taken for granted when looking at the […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

No Systemic Risk for Zambia’s Financial System
We have seen some of the headlines coming from popular publications and we are dismayed by the some of the social media sentiments on the stability of the financial system that supports premier companies in Zambia. For the record, we are not experts on the Zambian banking system, however, we do know what systemic risk […]

FinanceApril 6, 2017

The Macro Environment Explained
For a while now, we have brought you blogs about the fundamentals that make premier companies in Zambia special. We have talked about how the macro environment has influenced some of the success and failure of these companies. But whilst drinking a glass of wine at an exclusive pub in Lusaka, a native asked the […]