Economy, Finance, Madison Financial Services PlcMarch 6, 2017

Why List on LUSE?
As the founder of TFHZPC sat down to have a pint at one of Lusaka’s finest pubs, the question of why the financial health of Zambian companies was so important was posed to him by a local. “Are not all companies good enough for this trending blog of yours?” To the contrary, small and medium […]

Finance, Insurance, Madison Financial Services PlcMarch 6, 2017

Madison Financial Company Limited – 2016 Half Year Review
The Management team at Madison Financial will be proud of their performance in 2016 thus far. At the halfway mark, they have achieved a 31% improvement in interest income compared to the halfway mark of last year. This inspired an increase in profit before tax of 1263% which was largely attributed to improvements made in […]

FinanceMarch 6, 2017

The Quest for the Ultimate Value Creating Machine
When the team at TFHZPC sat down to look at all the reviews of the 20+ companies on LUSE, the thing that stood out from most companies is the techniques they used in sustaining their operations. It is very clear that many of these companies have a clear focus on how they perceive their operations […]

Banking, Cavmont, FinanceJuly 22, 2016

It’s tough for the smaller players in the banking industry in Zambia
It’s tough for the smaller players in the banking industry in Zambia. Cavmont Bank has bared the brunt of competitive forces in the industry. In the 2014 to 2015 period, the customer lost 15% of its customer accounts in a zero sum that saw its competitors scoop them up. However, at the same time, it […]

Finance, Insurance, Prima Reinsurance PlcJuly 12, 2016

Blood on the Insurance Dance Floor
In KPMG’s 2013 sector report on insurance, Zambia was poised to experience explosive growth in the insurance industry. The stars were aligned, GDP was on the up and business prospects for the 23 business registered as at October that same year looked set for a bloodbath for clients. Fast forward 2015, the macro environment evolved. […]

Finance, Insurance, Madison Financial Services PlcJuly 7, 2016

Madison Rated King of LUSE – Daily Mail
The Daily Mail in its July 20 Business News reports Madison being the titan of LUSE with over 70% of revenue being generated from share transactions of the company’s stock. This blog covered their 2015 performance in “Madison Financial Services – A Class Act in Diversification” which you can read about here. Headlines like this make […]

Banking, Finance, StandchartJune 1, 2016

Why They Are Top of the Heap. Standard Chartered Bank Storms with Excellence
It is always refreshing to hear titans of the banking industry reassure stakeholders that “we are here for good”. This statement is attributed to Michael Mundashi, chairman of the global bank that has been resident in Zambia for the past 110 years – Standard Chartered Bank. Investing and innovating was their strategy going into 2015 […]