Agriculture, Zambeef Products PlcApril 6, 2017

The Anatomy of Zambeef’s 2016 Half Year Review
“Doctor TFHZPC, we have a Zambian patient at reception who would like to see you. His symptoms include desire for aggressive growth through expansion by micro outlets. He currently exhibits growth through acquisitions. His desire for value is unabated.” – Nurse “I have been looking at your file patient ‘Z’. You have not been doing too […]

Agriculture, Zambeef Products PlcMarch 26, 2017

Zambeef aggressively feeding the nation..and literally growing value
Just had a quick look at the Zambeef Financials (2013-15) and quiet impressive. Aside from their acquisitions and haircuts received from exchange losses that may cloud the accounts over the last 2 financial years, financial management is sound in my opinion. No apparent risk of default on obligations (although they have a cocktail of instruments […]

Finance, Zambeef Products PlcMarch 9, 2017

ZAMBEEF – Going Bold with a Cleaner Balance Sheet
Zambeef’s 2016 annual report is aptly titled “A bold retail strategy for African growth”. This places some distance between this statement and their original mantra and company logo of “Feeding the Nation” (Zambia at the time). But why did they become so bold? Through vertical integration. As their profile states, they have been able to […]

Agriculture, Retail, Zambeef Products PlcMarch 6, 2017

ZAMBEEF – 2016 Half Year Review
As the 2016 Zambian presidential election results strolled in, many of our readers were busy tucking into Zambeef’s products. The quality of their products resonates with their 2016 half year performance. What stood out from the interim report is how well the vertically integrated company performed operationally. They continue to focus on their core business […]