Banking, StanbicOctober 27, 2020

As conditions record slowest decline in seven months LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Stanbic Bank Zambia’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for September indicates that the rate of slowdown in Zambia’s private sector eased at its fastest rate since the COVID-19 outbreak. The monthly index – which is compiled in collaboration with IHS Markit – showed that Government’s decision to ease […]

Banking, StanbicOctober 26, 2020

Standard Bank gathers entrepreneurs, corporates and government to discuss investment opportunities between Africa and Brazil
Johannesburg, October 26, 2020: Over the past decade, Sub-Saharan Africa’s 4.1% average growth has outpaced the global average of 3.7%. The continent’s development has been fueled by the growth of sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, oil & gas, mining and telecommunications. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted world economies and will disrupt Africa’s trajectory

Banking, StanbicOctober 14, 2020

New investments will give Africa the lead in agri development
JOHANNESBURG, 14 October 2020:  At a time when the rest of the world is re-thinking its approach to commercial agriculture, Africa has a clear opportunity to refresh its approach to the sector and become an emerging force. Big shifts are already happening in food production, land and water use, and the integration of agri-tech and […]

Banking, StanbicOctober 5, 2020

  Zambia has all it needs to be a tech giant in the region. The key lies in resisting the temptation to merely replicate global trends as opposed to focusing on learning from them to develop solutions tailored to our needs Zambia has in the last few months experienced a rapid acceleration in the adoption […]

Banking, StanbicOctober 1, 2020

Chamber of Mines calls on Government to offset VAT refunds owed to mines through tax exemptions to help support the sector through the pandemic era. Economic diversification should not prevent Zambia from exploiting its mineral wealth, says Stanbic Bank Zambia. The country’s largest bank has warned that while pushing for economic diversification is important, there […]

Banking, StanbicAugust 10, 2020

(Sponsored) Ending Urban Poor Housing – A Dream That Can Become Reality
Zambia has one of the highest urbanisation rates in sub-Saharan Africa with an annual growth of 4.35 percent – a rate higher than the country’s population growth rate standing at 2.9 percent – according to the World Factbook. This rapid urbanisation has placed a significant strain on the local housing stock as the country struggles […]

Banking, Stanbic, Standchart, ZANACO plcNovember 13, 2019

The Bankers Royal Rumble – Q3 2019
As the third quarter of the year comes to an end, management teams are strongly reviewing their strategies to determine how well they are performing against their annual budgets and whether they will meet their targets by year-end. The Bank of Zambia reports that GDP growth is at 2%, with inflation at 10.7% and MPR […]

Banking, StanbicAugust 10, 2018

Stanbic Zambia Schools Financial Journalists
On Thursday 9th August, 2018, Stanbic Bank held a Media Training Session on financial markets at the leadership centre in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area. The Session which attracted Journalists from both Print (Newspaper) and Broadcast (Radio and Television) was aimed at educating participants on financial markets and building the already existing relationship between Stanbic Bank and the […]

Banking, StanbicDecember 14, 2017

The ‘Gabaraane’ takes over
There is an analogy that can be noticed in the way boards across industries pick top talent to run their firms. Take the premier league as an example. When Chelsea Football Club have a run of bad results, the last 10 years has seen many managers of high football pedigree take over the reins. Although […]

AEL Mining Services (Z) Plc, Banking, Mining, StanbicDecember 8, 2017

Dual Exits from Premier Companies
In a week that should have ended quietly, two institutions announced the exits of their CEOs. The first announcement came out of Stanbic Bank. The board of the bank announced the exit of Charles Mudiwa who now moves to Stanbic Kenya as CEO. Tenure of CEOs in Zambian banks often ranges from 2 to 5 […]