EnergyOctober 12, 2017

Power Sector Reform: Game Changer for Africa
This week was special for TFHZPC. Not only was I returning to a place I used call home for 3 years while pursing my first post graduate qualification, I was attending the UCT graduate school of business power sector reform training. Professor Anton Eberhard has been conducting the program for executives for many years now […]

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, EnergySeptember 25, 2017

CEC Africa Investments Limited (CECA) at half year in 2017
The board of CECA is having an interesting time in Nigeria. Although they pledged to investors that they would ensure a return on investment, the market Nigeria is proving to be perilous. In the board’s statement to shareholders published 7 September 2017, they cited the following as some of the challenges in that market: Volatility […]

Energy, MiningSeptember 24, 2017

FQM at 2017 Half Year
It has been a busy year for FQM in the Zambian mining industry. In what was analogous to a Mexican standoff, the company reported in is September 14 press release that an agreement had finally been reached regarding how much the firm would be paying for energy for the remainder of 2017. The terms of […]

EnergyJune 9, 2017

Renewable Energy Offerings: New frontier for value
Being a land locked country, Zambia has certain limitations when it comes to national choices that involve strategic pursuits that can foster development. The requirement that bilateral agreements will more often be the difference between access to new foreign markets or naught should serve as a signal to purse disruptive technology as a means to […]

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, Energy, TelecomApril 6, 2017

Many Faces of Premier Companies – How To Not Be Myopic
In his famous Harvard Business Review article, Theodore Levitt told stories of how the US railway industry forgot what business they were in and were fast overtaken but road and air transportation. We have been reviewing some of the behaviors of certain premier companies and it’s clear to us that some of them chose to […]

Energy, ZAMEFA PlcMarch 26, 2017

Why Everyone Loves Using ZAMEFA Cables
The ubiquitous preposition by many that are currently or have built is that ZAMEFA provides the best copper cable for doing the electrical wiring for all construction projects. Some even argue that City Center is the best place to get original “ZAMEFA”. Little did I know that this company based in Luanshya is actually owned […]


Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, Energy, FinanceMarch 9, 2017

CEC PLC – Not so Impaired Value
From the moment we published “CEC’s quest for Naira destroying value in the medium term” last year, we knew that the 2016 CEC PLC annual report would be an exciting read. Investors in CEC would be anxious to see how their company performed in 2016. In his statement to shareholders, Chairman Hanson Sindowe acknowledged the […]

Energy, Puma Energy (Z) PlcMarch 6, 2017

PUMA – Half Year Results
Puma’s current half year offering is mirror of where they left off from the 2015 Annual Report. They are still faced with the same macro environmental forces that threaten value. This has put a lot of pressure on their management team to remain efficient albeit in a time when they have chosen the path of […]

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, EnergyMarch 6, 2017

CEC’s quest for Naira destroying value in the medium term
Copperbelt Energy Group’s 2014 and 2015 results show a company gradually making strides to create more shareholder value by seeking foreign markets. According to its CEO, the exportation of energy to the DRC was key in ensuring a consistently improved revenue stream. However, liquidity shortages on the back on the global financial crisis and below […]

Energy, Puma Energy (Z) PlcJuly 6, 2016

As I poured through the Puma 2015 Annual Report whilst the petrol attendant put gas in my car, I could not help but feel proud of the strides that J.J. Sikazwe (its chairman) and his management team had placed in ensuring that their company took pride in the safety of its customers and employees. Their […]