British American Tobacco, StrategySeptember 18, 2017

BAT Zambia headed to a new Nash equilibrium
BAT Zambia’s competitive landscape indicates that the firm is currently in a battle with other established players for 70% of a “legal” market. The other 30% currently belongs to illicit cigarette traders. Annual report after annual report has seen their Chairman Michael Mundashi consistently complain about the unwelcome competitive forces of illicit cigarettes. When assessing […]

StrategySeptember 7, 2017

Project Ekaris: Open Letter to our Benefactor
Dear Uncle C, We have a problem with Company C. It appears we may be getting a loss at year end. The macro factors have hit the company hard. Am working articles at the moment that should shed some light into the mechanics of the deal but seems there is now a sale of some […]

Agriculture, Strategy, Zambeef Products PlcSeptember 7, 2017

Zambeef loses taste for oil
When the news hit our desk that Zambeef was to sell a 90% stake in Zampalm, its oil producing wing, we asked the question why? Although there were indications that the division was loss making in the recent results, looking at the capacity and potential the division had, it was surprising that the company had […]

StrategySeptember 4, 2017

Premier companies need to cross boarders for value
During his recent trip to Swaziland, President Edgar Lungu laid down the gauntlet for aspiring premier companies in Zambia to seriously consider export markets as a means to create value. After reviewing some of the strategic tactics that enabled some of the manufacturing companies listed on LuSE from avoiding negative earnings by them seeking export […]

Strategy, Zambia Sugar PlcAugust 2, 2017

Why Zambian Premier Companies Need Core Competences to Survive
There are companies on the Lusaka Stock Exchange that continue to generate increased revenue year on year. Of those companies, the manufacturing and vertically integrated companies have been the most impressive. Few have speculated that size does matter hence why these companies continue to produce increasing revenue records amidst challenging macro conditions that have been […]

Finance, Strategy, ZCCM-Investment Holdings PlcJuly 12, 2017

Project Ekaris: A Dare to Gate Crash a Premier Company’s AGM
When announcements of AGMs are published on SENS ANNOUNCEMENTs, TFHZPC is always keen to be a part of proceedings. It’s not just the coffee and muffins that get served (for premier companies that host at exotic hotels) but the agenda of the meetings that wets the appetite of any investor who wants to understand how […]

StrategyJuly 9, 2017

Competition Commission: Bringing Balance to Competitive Forces in Zambia
Competition in any economy is healthy.Zambia is no exception. In fact, competition in an emerging economy such as ours serves to foster innovation and price of product sensitivities. However, just like any competitive sport, rules and regulations on how players in the game compete are important. They provide for an equal playing field for all […]

StrategyJuly 1, 2017

Corporate Governance and the Plight of the Zambian SME
Just because your company is not listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange does not mean that your company should be immune to corporate governance. This is the statement that has been heavy on the mind of TFHZPC as we pondered on how the importance of corporate governance can be communicated to premier startups in Zambia. […]

StrategyJune 27, 2017

Travis Kalanick Resignation: Lessons for Zambian Premier Startups
We have been watching the events unravel at Uber for sometime now. When the announcement came that investors in the ride hailing company had demanded for their maverick CEO and founder to resign, it was an indication that there was lessons to be learned for investors of Zambian premier startups.  Leadership conduct in this context […]

StrategyApril 6, 2017

When Dominos Fall – Of Demergers and Divestures
History always provides us with lessons for the future. We at TFHZPC draw our strength from our ability to use numbers to decode historical trends that can provide an indication that supports our ‘gut feel’ on how the strategic tendencies of premier companies will be shaped. We take you back with our insight into the […]