Economy, Opinion, StrategyJune 4, 2019

A New Dawn for CFA in Zambia
For those that know about the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification, they know that it is one of the most gruelling professional qualifications around the financial space there is. At the same time however, it is globally known as one of the most rewarding both financially and intellectually. Therefore when the team at Financial Insight […]

Economy, Personal Finance, StrategyMay 13, 2019

Financial Technology in Zambia
The Financial Technology (Fintech) revolution across the globe continues to disrupt status quo as it brings solutions that are helping organizations improve their service and operations while enjoying the benefits of cost savings and operational efficiencies. This revolution is committed to delivering the next level banking experience to the client, one that will bring forth […]

Opinion, StrategyMarch 13, 2019

Boeing Share price nose dives
Shares in Boeing have nose dived since the announcement of the second plane manufactured by the company crashed (with in 5 months) killing multinationals (mostly Kenyans) in the ill fated last flight of Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 aircraft. IDC recently announced the CEO of Zambia Airways who are in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines in […]

StrategyMarch 4, 2019

Second Mover is The New Advantage
Its “big cats” month on National Geographic channel and in just under three days of watching these documentaries, I have become somewhat of a fanatic. Watching the survival of the fittest in the jungle between predators and preys is simply breath-taking, there is a lot to take in for the discerning learner. I simply call […]

Economy, StrategyFebruary 7, 2019

It’s Endeshaw for the Zambia Airways Top Job
January 2019 was the month when many organisations were having conversations with their Human Resource Directors on important matters of staff recruitment. IDC was no exception. Following the conclusion of their search for a CEO, the Board announced in Lusaka on 7th February 2019 at their inaugural Board meeting that they had found the missing […]

Strategy, TelecomJanuary 23, 2019

Susan Takes a ‘Liquid’ Job
There is a scene in Marvel Comics Avengers Infinity War when Iron Man and meets the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time and Star lord and Iron ask each other questions. If a parody of the same scene had to rewritten, the line of questioning of Liquid Telecom Zambia’s newly appointed CEO would […]

Opinion, StrategyJanuary 8, 2019

The Power of Digital Marketing
I would not be surprised if in the past the term; e-Commerce, was looked at by many as just another corporate buzzword that was used to colour conversations and meetings, often resulting in the intended message not being communicated effectively – as buzzwords and jargon often do. A Google search of the definition of e-Commerce […]

Strategy, TelecomAugust 16, 2018

Is the Zambian Telecoms Industry Suffering From Marketing Myopia?
Following the recent announcement of the introduction of a new tax that would be targeting voice calls made using Voice over IP services such as facebook and Whatsapp calling, we felt it prudent to view the industry through the lenses of Michael Porter and Theordore Levitt. Michael E Potter published the book and article “Competitive […]

Opinion, StrategyAugust 3, 2018

HLB Reliance Zambia at 10
Its 17 00hrs and I just beat traffic to get to Radisson blu Hotel to attend a birthday. You might be wondering why a financial news website would be writing about a birthday. Well, it’s not just any birthday. Its HLB Reliance Zambia’s 10th birthday or anniversary depending on your cup of tea. We have […]

Opinion, StrategyJuly 27, 2018

Business Lessons From The Real CR7 Love Story!
It’s the summer of 2009 and the football world is witnessing the biggest transfer of its time. The sweet smiling boy from Madeira tipped for the biggest things in the world of football has just completed a switch from the “red devils” to the “white angels” in a record 80 million pound deal. Florentino Perez, […]