Marketing, OpinionJuly 14, 2020

(Exclusive) Young Zambian startup Sage Valley Spices gets awarded K250,000 financing facility from the Empress Fund
Young Zambian startup Sage Valley has been awarded a revolving working capital facility of up to K250,000 by the Empress Fund based in South Africa. Sage Valley was established in October 2019 to produce locally made spices and pastes after sisters Zita and Nancy Kafwimbi noticed a gap in the market. The funds secured through […]

Marketing, OpinionJuly 8, 2020

Enygma Ventures invests $1m in Lupiya fintech startup
Enygma Ventures has made a $1 million investment in Zambian based micro finance startup, Lupiya. This investment, will enable Lupiya to continue to scale and roll out its services fulfilling its mission of ensuring Zambians, particularly women are able to participate in the economy through its financial inclusion strategy. “We are thrilled with this investment, […]

Marketing, Opinion, StrategyMarch 7, 2020

Astria Learning is changing the face of EdTech in Zambia
A stable macro-economic environment is key to attracting investment in any country. According to United States Businessman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Astria Learning, Dr. Jeff Bordes who is working in the EdTech sector to provide educational opportunities across the globe through his business, there is much to be done to achieve more investment in […]

MarketingJanuary 30, 2020

11 Women-Owned Companies Make It Into Enygma Venture’s Investor Ready Programme
Enygma Ventures is the first venture capital fund of its kind to invest solely in female entrepreneurs within the SADC region. CAPE TOWN, Wednesday 29 January 2020 – “It is very exciting to be part of a programme that is willing to focus and invest tangibly in women entrepreneurs in Africa,” says Claudia Castellanos. “I […]


Marketing, OpinionJanuary 14, 2019

Your customers are biased. Accept that!
Knowing your clients’ risk tolerance and confidence levels can help you to assist them to understand themselves and their decisions better. How can we get overconfident clients to realise that they are without deflating their egos – and why does it matter?   Human decision-making, thinking and behaviour are central to the way businesses, communities, […]

Marketing, Opinion, Personal FinanceOctober 6, 2018

Zoona Plus: Game Changer
We have been watching the evolution of Zoona for some time now. Deep in the heart of Fintech, Zoona made first mover when they revolutionized the money transfer game in Zambia. By understanding and exploiting Fintech, which is basically computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services, Zoona open […]

MarketingSeptember 24, 2017

Brand Power at KUPES Conference 2017
While half of Lusaka was recovering from hangover from the first installment of the back to back boys II men concert, Norena Chiteba and her team were nurturing young girls into becoming the next business leaders in Zambia. But what got the founder when he attended the conference was how well the function was organized. […]

Agriculture, Marketing, RetailApril 28, 2017

Chickens in Market Research
Many companies in Zambia often miss the opportunities that market research gives. Some even convince themselves that it’s either unnecessary or too expensive to undertake. They would rather take their chances in the market. However, those that do make the decision to actually use market research will find themselves only tapping into a fraction of […]

MarketingApril 6, 2017

Love Marks – The Future of Brands
Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi, describes “Love Marks”, as a growing phenomenon of advertising, which are destined to take over from the concept of brands. Evidently, love marks, as a brand, create loyalty beyond reason by allowing consumers to build an emotional connection that uses mystery, sensuality and intimacy. In Zambia, […]