StrategyJuly 1, 2017

Corporate Governance and the Plight of the Zambian SME
Just because your company is not listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange does not mean that your company should be immune to corporate governance. This is the statement that has been heavy on the mind of TFHZPC as we pondered on how the importance of corporate governance can be communicated to premier startups in Zambia. […]

StrategyJune 27, 2017

Travis Kalanick Resignation: Lessons for Zambian Premier Startups
We have been watching the events unravel at Uber for sometime now. When the announcement came that investors in the ride hailing company had demanded for their maverick CEO and founder to resign, it was an indication that there was lessons to be learned for investors of Zambian premier startups.  Leadership conduct in this context […]

Agriculture, Marketing, RetailApril 28, 2017

Chickens in Market Research
Many companies in Zambia often miss the opportunities that market research gives. Some even convince themselves that it’s either unnecessary or too expensive to undertake. They would rather take their chances in the market. However, those that do make the decision to actually use market research will find themselves only tapping into a fraction of […]

EconomyApril 6, 2017

The 2017 Budget in a Nut Shell
Every time a Finance Minister takes to the stand and presents the coming year’s budget, CEOs, entrepreneurs and Finance Managers alike listen with keen interest on what the macroeconomic environment will be like for their businesses in the coming year. Hon.  Felix Mutati last week Friday 11thNovember 2016, presented Zambia’s budget to the house of […]

MarketingApril 6, 2017

Love Marks – The Future of Brands
Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi, describes “Love Marks”, as a growing phenomenon of advertising, which are destined to take over from the concept of brands. Evidently, love marks, as a brand, create loyalty beyond reason by allowing consumers to build an emotional connection that uses mystery, sensuality and intimacy. In Zambia, […]

StrategyApril 6, 2017

When Dominos Fall – Of Demergers and Divestures
History always provides us with lessons for the future. We at TFHZPC draw our strength from our ability to use numbers to decode historical trends that can provide an indication that supports our ‘gut feel’ on how the strategic tendencies of premier companies will be shaped. We take you back with our insight into the […]

Economy, Finance, Madison Financial Services PlcMarch 6, 2017

Why List on LUSE?
As the founder of TFHZPC sat down to have a pint at one of Lusaka’s finest pubs, the question of why the financial health of Zambian companies was so important was posed to him by a local. “Are not all companies good enough for this trending blog of yours?” To the contrary, small and medium […]

Airtel Networks Plc, Lafarge, StrategyMarch 6, 2017

How to Fight a Price War in Zambia
Entering into a price war is usually a distant thought for the average Zambian entrepreneur. On the one hand, some often chose to ignore it and face certain doom over the long run (evidence from small businesses that have closed down due to failure to compete on price). Others on the other hand, chose to […]

StrategyMarch 6, 2017

TFHZPC meets the Dragon
In his 3rd installment of his famous trilogy, Michael Porter gave the world “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”. As I sat down in a hotel in Yantai China, I could not help but reflect on how a communist nation had been able to manage its billion plus population by steer it into a value creating […]

EconomyMarch 6, 2017

The Cost of Capital in Zambia
Entrepreneurs beware. Capital budgeting is real. You could be starting up a small “nthemba” that sells talk time, setting up a butchery in high density area, investing in heavy equipment that will see you offer a service that many locals only dreamed would be provided by Multinational Corps (MNCs): knowing your cost of capital is […]