British American TobaccoApril 17, 2019

BAT Joins Prima Reassurance in Postponing AGM
On April 12, BAT Zambia investors became the latest key stakeholders who will have to wait a little longer for their annual general meeting following a notice from the company’s Board postponing the event. Prima Reassurance recently announced that their much anticipated AGM would be further pushed back to an unknown date to be advised […]

British American Tobacco, RetailApril 10, 2019

Sin Lee fits the shoe. Bata has a new Don
On 3rd April, investors were informed through SENS announcement that the Board of BATA was parting company with their Managing Director Prosper Bachi who had served at the helm of the shoe maker in Zambia for more than 15 years. The shoe maker had recently announced increasing its turnover by 10% for the 2018 financial […]

Retail, Zambia Bata Shoe PlcMarch 28, 2019

“For They All Loved Shoes” – BATA Zambia Plc 2018 Performance
Insight Growing up in the late 90’s one would have actually thought Bata Zambia with its prominent “Bata School Shoe” was a wholly owned Zambian company but in actual sense it is not. Bata International is a Canadian owned multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. A family-owned business, the […]

Retail, Shoprite Holdings PlcFebruary 26, 2019

Currency devaluation outside South Africa hurts Shoprite, Engelbrecht
South African retailing group Shoprite Holdings Plc announced a 19% fall in trading profit when its half year results for 2018 were published on SENS on 26th February 2019. The company suffered multiple factors disrupting the trading environment according to a press statement from CEO Pieter Engelbrecht issued to SENS. The CEO put the blame […]

Opinion, RetailFebruary 16, 2019

Why Blockchain based remittances will become so important to the growing of Sub-Saharan SMEs
If currency is the means by which we store the value created through our independent business activity, then theoretically, cross border remittances should be our means to bridge the value one human creates in one part of the world with another in an entirely separate geography. Although unfortunately, the high exchange costs and lengthy processing […]

Economy, Opinion, RetailJanuary 16, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Chinese Investment Helps Improve Zambia
The following article was published on Bloomberg as a response to Chinese investment concerns over Zambia.    Only 12 months ago, discussions on China centred around steel, a ballooning real estate bubble, and investment screening in Europe. Despite these issues still being unresolved, international scrutiny has pivoted to Western concerns over Chinese investment in Africa. […]

British American Tobacco, RetailSeptember 9, 2018

BAT Smokes Success at 2018 Half Year
Board Chairman Micheal Mundashi and BAT Zambia have come a short way from their announcement on 27 February 2018 were his company secretary Valentine Kabonga sadly informed shareholders that the company expected to record a loss before tax of approximately ZMW 14,973,000 for the year ended 31 December 2017. Fast forward 6 months and investors […]

RetailAugust 15, 2018

CEC’s Owen Looks Northwards for Love
If you ever watched the movie “Love Actually”, you can understand what a sweet romance that CDC and CEC had. Sadly, the romantic acquisition ended before it could happen and CEO Owen Silavwe and his management were left with the feeling of “what could have been” had the deal gone through. But analogous to failed […]

Banking, Retail, ZANACO plcMay 28, 2018

ZANACO 2017 Performance
It’s always refreshing reading a board chairperson’s letter to shareholders in annual reports that speaks to the heart of what the firm tried to achieve in the year under review. Charity Lumpa’s 2017 letter to shareholders was no exception. Her letter touched on everything from operational efficiency to prudent risk management.  It is clear from […]

British American Tobacco, RetailMarch 2, 2018

BAT Zambia Smokes itself to LBT in 2017
When the SENS Announcement of 27th February 2018 came out from British America Tobacco Zambia that they were expecting a loss before tax (LBT from the income statement) we were in awe of the magnitude K14.9 million that would be reflected when the financials would be officially published. As a recap, in their 2016 annual […]